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Highlights to point out:...the arrival of Micaela (Lisa Algozzini) in the third act where she was very successful at bringing the cast together with her dramatic intensity

Lisa Algozzini as Micaëla in Bizet's Carmen with 

Diego Martin Etxebarria (Conductor)  - Susana Gomez (Director)  - Festival Santa FlorentinaSpainJuly 2015

CAST: Lisa Algozzini (Micaela), Laura Virella (Carmen), Gustavo Durán (Don Jose), Mark Ellis Gough (Escamillo), 

Diego Martin Etxebarria (Conductor), Susana Gomez (Director)



Mark Gough, incanto, caldes d'estrac, barcelona, sopano, baritone, tenor, bass, opera, mezzo

    Jorge de Persia, La Vanguardia (July 21, 2015)

Micaëla in Carmen at Festival Santa Florentina in Spain

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